An ADD Woman with Lacy Estelle

Can An ADHD Coach Help? (Season 2, Ep. 7)

July 17, 2023 Lacy Estelle Season 2 Episode 7
An ADD Woman with Lacy Estelle
Can An ADHD Coach Help? (Season 2, Ep. 7)
An ADD Woman with Lacy Estelle: Growth
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Show Notes

When you think of a coach, you probably think of sports and coaches that come alongside players and teach them skills that help them to build up their stamina, and athleticism, right?  What if you could have a coach to help you build a skill set that would help you to better manage your ADHD and the way that it impacts your life?

In this episode, Lacy explores ADHD coaching and its benefits for managing the ADHD brain. She introduces CoachBit, an online platform designed to help adolescents and teens develop study skills, focus, time management, and overall well-being. CoachBit provides daily check-ins, expert coaches, and personalized modules for effective coaching. Join the conversation as Lacy discusses the power of coaching in creating everyday habits that can help effectively manage ADHD.

Resources and Links

The Coachbit Habit Building Program delivers a science-backed study skills and life coach program through personalized content and accountability with real coaches. Coachbit’s solution is based on habit changing interventions that create lasting positive behaviors for pre-teens and teens. Listeners of An ADD Woman can visit the link here for more information.

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, by James Cleer (at Amazon)

Visit Lacy Estelle’s Amazon store, here, for more recommended resources.

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