An ADD Woman with Lacy Estelle

Ep. 28: Last Episode 2022 A Year in Review

December 26, 2022 Lacy Estelle Season 1 Episode 28
An ADD Woman with Lacy Estelle
Ep. 28: Last Episode 2022 A Year in Review
An ADD Woman with Lacy Estelle: Growth
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Show Notes

Do you struggle with self reflection? It's a pretty common problem for those of us with ADHD! What did 2022 look like for you, an ADD woman, and what lessons and plans are you taking into 2023?

Today, Lacy discusses the goals she set for this past year, both for herself and the podcast, and how she did or did not meet them. She reflects on where God is working in her life now and where He is leading her by:

  • recognizing behavior patterns
  • focusing as much attention as possible on her relationship with God and with Scripture, and
  • building her very best life with God, family, podcast and blog, all with ADHD.

Resources & Links

Guided Mentorship Program with Lacy Estelle: A personalized one-on-one mentorship with Lacy Estelle for ADHD adult women and mothers to help you gain clarity of your value, navigate the tricky waters of your interpersonal relationships while having ADHD, recognize your weakness without letting them weigh you down, find and build on your strengths, accountability to make habit changes, celebrate successes, and recognize self-sabotage and stop it before it starts. For more information on this limited program, visit

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